Get Framed by GoNE, Inc

Get Framed by Giclee of New England, Inc. We are offering all of our fans a chance to win a frame up to 16×20. All you have to do is either become a fan of Giclee of New England by January 1, 2010 or already be a fan. One fan will be chosen at random on January 2 to receive a free 15×20 frame job. Another good reason to be a fan. Just click on the Link to the right and follow to our Facebook Page. When in Facebook click on the “become a fan” link.

Photo conferences for 2010

A great way to energize your skills and enthusiasm is to attend a conference. If you are a professional Photographeror even a dedicated amateur a conference is a great way to learn new skills, talk to the pros and find out about new products.  Lexjet, a digital media supplier has compiled a list of upcoming events for 2010. Check them out here.