Madeline Duval, February 2013 Artist of the Month

Madeline Duval

Madeline Duval

[img src=]1410Sunset On Chatham Lighthouse Beach
[img src=]710Berries
[img src=]670Camden Harbor
[img src=]700Mt Hope Bridge
[img src=]730Dragonfly and Water Lily
[img src=]600 Splish Splash, Takin' A Bath
[img src=]560Autumn Reflections, Riverton C
[img src=]530The Path To Winter
[img src=]480Autumn Serenity
[img src=]520Heronry Society
[img src=]530Graceful Descent
[img src=]490Ready For Adrenalin Rush - Class 4 Style
[img src=]420Woodland Stream
[img src=]430Lynde Point Lighthouse
[img src=]360Owls Head Lighthouse
[img src=]380Forrest Gump's Lighthouse
[img src=]340Days Gone By
[img src=]370The Old Mill Door
[img src=]390No Longer Needed
[img src=]400The Puffin Ballet
[img src=]360Halictid Bee
[img src=]340Quaint Harbor Village, Rockport Maine
[img src=]370One
[img src=]350Cobscook Bay, Maine
[img src=]310Vermont's Majesty
[img src=]280Sunset in Warren
[img src=]310Where Fairies Live
[img src=]300Nani's Twins
[img src=]290Little Flower
[img src=]270Pitcher Plant, Bog Flower
[img src=]350The Mating Dance

About the Photographer – Madeline Duval                                                    Click on the FS for full screen

Madeline Duval is a nationally known portrait photographer holding the degrees of Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman and Certified Professional Photographer.

Madeline has always had a talent for art and photography. She won her first photography contest at the age of 10, and began to study oil painting at age 13. She continued to win awards in both art and photography.

Spanning her career, Madeline is known as one of the finest portrait photographers in the country. She has lectured and taught other professional photographers all over New England.

Duval has created a new form of art for the studio. Combining her classical artistic painting experience along with her well-known creative talents with photographic portraiture and Fine Art photography, the studio now presents the Objet d’Art. This new work of art looks like a beautiful oil or watercolor painting made in the fine art process of Giclée.

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Sandy and Fran Gianfriddo February 3, 2013 at 8:50 am

Vey nice work!

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