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4×6 Do-It-Yourself Photo Printing

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Giclee of New England offers Do-it-yourself service with the new HiTi Photo Kiosk .  With outstanding photo quality and low pricing, the HiTi Photo Kiosk delivers!  There are no lines and a comfortable atmosphere. Imaging experts are always on hand to help you get the best possible image.

HiTi  Photo Kiosk offers users the versatility of printing layout to satisfy requests for different digital imaging service, including standard photos, passport/ID photos, e-frame photos, collage prints and photo index.  Photo editing includes brightening, cropping, and other adjustments.  The HiTi Photo Kiosk offers a range of interesting boarders and printing options.

Enjoy the comfortable surroundings without the lines.  Only $.30 per image makes this a great deal! We also have a selection of ready made frames for “Do-it-yourself”  DIY.

We also have Greeting Card blanks selling for 5 for $5 to go with the 4×6 photo prints. Make your own greeting cards for less than one you can buy.

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