Web Sites for Artists

What is the fastest growing marketing tool today? 

It is the internet! Anyone who does not have a website may not be reaching his or her market. We here at Giclee of New England, Inc. want the artists and photogaphers we work with to be sucessful. So we have developed a low cost package for website development.  We feel that a website needs to be easily accessed for updates and relevent content.  When you chose GoNE, Inc. to build your site, you will own your own site as well as your domain name. You will have full control over content and have total ability to update and maintain your site. As a bonus feature, we will build a gallery for all images we have on file of your work. We will also upload new images whenever you bring in a new work to be captured.   With the attached blog, you will be able to develop a following.  For a small additional fee we will set up a Fan page for you on Facebook and even link that to Twitter if you desire.

Unlike a tradtional web site by a developer, you will own your GoNE, Inc. developed site and your domain name. You could spend thousands of dollars with a web developer who could control your site and own your domain name.  If you wanted any changes, that delveloper could charge hundreds of dollars and keep you waiting.  With a site from GoNE, Inc., you own your site. You will have the knowledge to update and maintain your site yourself. By linking your site to a Fan Page on Facebook, you will have contol of your marketing.  You will have the power to do as much or as little to your site as you want. 

 We have done the hard work of site development while all you will have to do is add content to keep your site, active, up to date and relevant to your customers and followers. 


  • Domain name
  • Site design with Gallery with images on file with GoNE, Inc.
  • Hosting
  • Blog
  • Training on how to update and add content to your site


  • You own your website
  • You can post or update you site anytime you want
  • You can do as much or as little to your site as you wish


  • Initial site starting at $700
  • Optional yearly maintenance $75 (payable in $37.50 six month intervals)
  • Maintenance will include upload of all new image captures done by GoNE, Inc. as well as updates to software.
  • Optional Fan page on Facebook: setup $100 with Twitter $75 additional.

 Content will be the responsibility of artist (bio and any photos)

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Lance C. Arnold April 30, 2010 at 8:45 pm

How many artists have a website designed by you?
What artists would be willing to talk to me re: their experience in your designing a website? Are there websites now available for viewing?

Nancy@goneinc May 2, 2010 at 9:33 pm

Lance, Please email me at goneinc@goneinc.com.

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