Fun page: What’s the Diff?

What’s the Diff?

Warren Farm

 Each week we will be featuring a new “What’s the Diff?” image. Find the differences between to photos or works of art. Artists who would like to have their work featured on the What’s the Diff?  page contact us at Goneincnews@gmail.comFollow our fun page. Each week we will be featuring a new .

Free Pizza Wednesdays for February

To celebrate our 7 th anniversary of being in business, GoNE, Inc. is having Free Pizza Wednesdays for the month of February.  We plan to sample the different local pizzeria to test out which is our favorite. Stop by at noon on Wednesdays for the month of February to taste test the local pizza fare. If you have a suggestion for pizzeria please contact us and let us know who you think makes the best pizza in the Palmer area.  From noon until its gone!