Business Plan

the business plan – Reprinted post by Nancy bryant

There are many on-line resources as well, but by taking a course you can interact with others who are doing what you are and begin the next essential aspect of business which is Networking. The old business adage, “it’s not what you know but who you know”  is what networking is all about.

When an artist realizes that producing and selling his or her work is more than wishing and that it takes a business-like approach, then that artist is on the way to becoming a professional. In many cases the only thing that separates the professional artist from the amateur is that the professional is selling his or her art work.  How often have you seen art on line or in magazine and thought, I could do that?  If that is so, then you should have your work on line or in that magazine. What is stopping you? Only your ability to properly market your work.