Gathering Resources

gathering resources – Reprinted post by nancy bryant

Some of the resources you will need:

  • web site – (how will you make your on-line presence?)
  • accountant – (how do you plan to keep records and finances?)
  • bank- (will you need a separate business checking account?)
  • legal advise – (what will your business identity and structure be?)
  • networking- (who will be your customers? how do you find them?)
  • finance – (how will you support yourself while getting established?)
  • costs and expenses- (what are your expenses?)
  • pricing- (what will you need to charge to make a living?)
  • business cards, brochures, etc. -(do it yourself or hire someone?)
  • advertising – (how do you let the customers know you exist?)
  • location – (even working from home you need studio space)

This is, of course, just a partial list of some of the research you must do in order to begin your art business.  But it is a starting point.