The Business of Art

the business of art/ success as an artist – Original blog Written by nancy Bryant

This company has been “in the art business” full time now for over 14 years. For each artist, as for each individual, success needs to be defined.  Unless an artist clearly defines her or his own goals, then success will never be achievable.  Without goals there is no measure and nothing to strive for.

Each artist might define success differently. For those who are new at the craft, achieving a good likeness of a favorite pet or a tree might be success. For someone else it is whether or not they are accepted into prestigious art shows or hung in galleries. Some might measure success as an artist by their bank account. Another artist will feel successful if the work  produced clearly speaks his or her inner vision to viewers.

There is one factor that sets artists apart from the rest of the general population. For most there is an overwhelming drive to create. An artist is compelled to be an artist. So therefore the drive to be successful at art is greater for an artist than it is for a bus driver or just about any other profession. Additionally there are many who feel this urge to create so the competition in the art field is great.  Artists compete, not only with other professionals in their field, but with talented amateurs and hobbyists.   If the goal of the artist is to sell her or his work, then one must accept the fact that art is a business. The artist must become a business person in order to achieve success as an artist who sells his or her work.