Sam Smalley Photography – All images printed on “Wall-A-Peel” adhesive backed Satin fabric.

“Wall-a-peel” adhesive backed fabric – $20 sq foot

What makes this adhesive backed, printed fabric appealing is it’s amazing ability to stick to any smooth surface and be re-positioned many times without causing damage to walls or furniture.  Goes on clean and comes off cleanly to stick again and again.  Rotate your photographic quality prints to make any room look fresh and new.  Wall-A-Peel does not rip, stretch or wrinkle, is safe for any wall and meets fire safety standards.

Don’t let your office or building become a liability with heavy frames that can do damage…Wall-A-Peel max size is 42″inches by 100′ Ft.

To calculate price:

Length (inches) x Width (inches) = Size in square inches

Take the size in square inches and divide by 144 = size in square feet

Take the size in square feet and multiply by $20


16″ x 20″ Wall A Peel”

16 x 20 = 320

320 divided by 144 (320/144) = $2.22

$2.22 multiplied by $20 (sq ft price) = $44.40 for a 16″ x 20″ print!

Please contact us for any questions and we will offer discount based on job size.